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Unparalleled Customer Engagement

Supercharge ad performance, reduce acquisition cost, and unleash limitless purchasing potential for every visitor with Cooee.
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Increase ROAS,  Reduce CAC.

Cooee excels in optimizing operations for businesses by addressing high customer acquisition costs (CAC) and low LTV (lifetime value). We leverage real-time customer insights for personalized experiences, boosting conversion rates.

With A/B testing and rapid campaign creation, we streamline the checkout process for maximum customer satisfaction.
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Increase AoV (Average order value )

Cooee's real-time analysis uncovers each visitor's unique journey, enabling personalized engagement strategies. We also suggest upsells and cross-sells during checkout, effortlessly boosting Average Order Value (AoV) and increasing revenue without added marketing costs. Supercharge your profits with Cooee's intelligent approach.
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Decrease Abandoned Cart 

Cooee reduces cart abandonment with personalized offers. We nurture low-intent visitors, introduce your brand to them, guide medium-intent visitors to top products, and remove barriers for high-intent visitors using tailored discounts and free shipping.

Analyzing visitor intent helps us create compelling offers, educate low-intent visitors, steer medium-intent ones to key products, and facilitate high-intent purchases.
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Increase Conversion

Cooee delivers a lightning-fast, highly personalized solution to boost conversion rates by an impressive 4%. Over 100 renowned D2C brands trust us for unprecedented growth.

Partner with us, and your business will outperform competitors, reaching new heights.

Elevate your visitor's Ecommerce experience

Navigating the customer journey with personalization excellence & meeting varied intent with profit-enhancing solutions

Intent-Driven Personalization and Profit Protection

Cater to and provide unique offerings for users with high, medium, or low intent, while also safeguarding profit margins.

Tailored 1-to-1 Product Recommendations

1-to-1 personalised product recommendations for repeat customers
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AI-Powered Visuals for Enhanced Shopping Experiences

Automated generation of stunning visuals using product images, fuelled by cutting-edge Generative AI and Open AI technology.

Strategic Playbooks for Automated Growth

Solve a problem or close a sale in real-time with chat. If no one is available, customers are seamlessly routed to email without confusion.
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