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Convert more without reducing margins 🛍

Personalised engagement for every visitor based on real-time intent

Optimise every user's shopping experience with unique recommendations 

Display your most popular products of that week uniquely for every new user, including guest users based on their location, and preferences.

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Fueling growth for 100's of companies

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One-click wonders: Create custom images instantly with Cooee

Unleash your marketing potential with Generative AI that takes seconds to generate custom images and creatives taking factors like product placement, likes and dislikes, and previous purchases into account while creating an output in your brand colors.

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Creative automation at scale

Intent based touchpoints for every customer journey to increase conversions and LTV. See how each fits into your customer's journey seamlessly


First Impression

Greeting or brand introduction, kick off the user journey in style.


Abandoned Cart

Nudge customers with abandoned carts with a personalised pricing offer.


Trending Products

Automatically showcase best sellers and most popular SKUs.


Upsell-Cross Sell

You might also like upsell selling at the right place to increase AOV.

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Product Recommendation

Showcase product recommendations for each user uniquely.


Gather Feedback

Understand your customers and get feedback for constant improvement.

Our customers love us

Cooee helped Chicago Pizza engage with their users more
Udrrek Vikram, Chicago Pizza

Cooee is an interesting new tool that helps us engage with customers easily and quickly. We can share photos, animations, etc of new items launched with our customers.

Accelerate growth with an end-to-end personalisation platform

Achieve enterprise level personalisation in minutes with Cooee.



Painless integration to gather first-party data fed into our ML pipeline to generate actionable insights.


Choose and Customise

 Design with data insights. Customise variables such as name, discount, delivery time, and product recommendation for each customer.



Based on brand guidelines and customer data, 1-to-1 personalised creatives can be previewed before delivery.



Discover delivery rate, conversion rate, CTAs, ARPU, and all other key business metrics on Cooee's dashboard.

Seamlessly connect with all your favourites

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Add personalisation on your eCommerce store in minutes

🚀 Unlimited designs

✔️ Access to the entire template library

✔️ No credit card required

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