Cooee’s Social Proof Campaign boosted revenue for India’s leading natural skincare brand by ₹65,000 in just 6 weeks!

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In the fiercely competitive landscape of e-commerce, the natural skincare brand faced a pressing social proof issue: despite offering attractive discounts and promotions, the website struggled with low conversion rates. Visitors were prematurely exiting the sales funnel, indicating a significant challenge with user engagement. This alarming trend highlighted the immediate need for a revamped strategy to enhance conversions and sustain growth in the highly competitive online beauty products market.

Despite the brand's efforts to attract customers with discounts and promotions, these initiatives were failing to convert visitors into customers. High exit rates from the sales funnel revealed a disconnect between the brand's offerings and visitor expectations. To address this challenge, the brand implemented a social proof campaign. 


Recognizing the pressing need for a solution, the brand turned to Cooee for assistance. Cooee, armed with advanced analytics and a deep understanding of user behaviour, delved into the website's data to uncover insights. Through meticulous analysis, Cooee identified a significant pattern: despite the high number of visitors, people were leaving the sales funnel due to a lack of trust in the brand. Armed with this insight, Cooee devised a targeted approach to address this challenge head-on.

Leveraging its sophisticated algorithms, Cooee embarked on a mission to re-engage these visitors. By tapping into their browsing behaviours and interests, Cooee crafted personalized popups aiming to gain visitor trust. This tailored approach aimed to reignite the interest of these visitors and guide them back into the sales funnel.


By strategically promoting the brand to the visitors according to visitor intent, Cooee implemented a compelling social proof campaign that captured visitor interest on the beauty brand’s website. By showcasing customer testimonials, user reviews, and real-time purchase notifications, Cooee created a sense of trust and urgency among visitors, encouraging them to explore more products. This approach resulted in 1.2k added to carts, indicating a higher intent to purchase.

The personalized product recommendations and promotions delivered by Cooee as part of the social proof campaign led to a 41% increase in user engagement on the beauty brand’s website. Visitors were not only more likely to stay on the site but also to explore different products, ultimately leading to a higher likelihood of making a purchase.

The most impactful result of Cooee's social proof campaign was the substantial increase in revenue for the beauty brand’s website. By strategically promoting products to low-intent visitors and leveraging social proof elements, Cooee was able to boost sales significantly, adding Rs.65,000 to the company's bottom line.

Overall, by leveraging Cooee's AI-driven platform and implementing a social proof campaign, the beauty brand successfully overcame the challenge of low conversion rates. The personalized approach to targeting low-intent visitors proved highly effective, leading to increased engagement, improved conversion rates, and ultimately, a substantial increase in revenue.

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