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What is the problem?
97% of visitors are not ready to buy but all 628 customer engagement apps on Shopify assume otherwise leading to no improvement in you store's conversion rates.
What is intent?
Intent is what stands between clicks leading to conversions.
Cooee analyzes 40+ micro-behaviours in real time to understand where each visitor is in their buying journey.
We understand the entire customer journey, starting from the landing page and continuing until the visitor converts, identifying where visitors are dropping off and using this data to suggest campaigns that can improve the conversion funnel.

Incoming paid traffic on
your Shopify store
With our CRO Copilot enhance your visitor's conversion journey with AI powered insights and tailored nudges
Why, how & when to engage every visitor automatically, with AI
Our intent analysis understands what stage of the
buying journey are your online visitors at
We help you create real-time campaigns with just one click!
How the intent strategy works?
Early in buying journey

Nurture the low intents

  • They are too early in buying journey, guide them about the brand/ product story
  • Give them social proof
  • Your brand ethos
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Aid them to move further

Guide the medium intents

  • They know your brand and can be a repeat vistor
  • Aid them to move further by telling them about top products
  • Showing your popular bestsellers and offering dynamic discounting
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4X your add-to-carts, 2X your conversion rates
Intent Analysis

What's the bottom line?

How do we do it?
  • Step 1: Integrate Cooee on your Shopify store
  • Step 2: Allow it 2-4 days to get decent traffic
  • Step 3: AI will analyze intent traffic and a report will be shared
Intent levels can be calculated for entire incoming visitor traffic but can also be further filtered for each acquisition channel/UTM source and campaign.
Running a D2C brand is very complex with so many moving pieces but with Cooee, you can engage with your visitors by understanding their real-time intent.  
We maximize conversion optimization for Shopify merchants by giving them personalized engagement.

Not to forget, this also saves 80% of the operations time as Cooee's AI can figure out where the non-purchasing visitors are in their buying journey.
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