Cooee's Medium-Intent Campaign raised Bombay Shaving Company's revenue by ₹174,000 in just 2 months!

Published on
March 1, 2024


Bombay Shaving Company, a leading men's personal care brand, recently encountered a challenge with their Styler Beard Trimmer launch campaign. Despite their efforts, the campaign failed to gain visibility among visitors during their buying journey and was not garnering enough sales. This highlighted a need for a more effective strategy to capture their audience's attention and drive engagement. 


After conducting a thorough intent analysis with Cooee, Bombay Shaving Company developed a new strategy that focused on reaching medium-intent users through broad outreach to promote the trimmer. This involved using targeted UTMs to interact with users who landed on the page via specific sources. The intent analysis helped identify the audience most likely to convert, ensuring resources were allocated effectively. By targeting this medium-intent group, the campaign aimed to capture users who were actively considering the product without excluding those in the early stages of interest. The use of UTMs allowed for precise tracking and measurement of campaign performance, providing valuable insights for future marketing efforts.


The campaign yielded significant results, with impressions soaring to 6.8K, showcasing a substantial increase in visibility. Furthermore, the Add-to-Cart (ATC) actions surged to 802, demonstrating a high level of interest and intent to purchase. The Click-Through Rate (CTR) achieved an impressive 15%, surpassing industry standards and highlighting the effectiveness of the targeting strategy. This high CTR signifies that the campaign effectively captured the attention of the audience and enticed them to click through to the website.

Most notably, the campaign generated a substantial revenue of ₹174K, showcasing a strong return on investment. These results demonstrate the campaign's success in boosting engagement and conversions, highlighting its positive impact on revenue. The performance metrics indicate a well-planned strategy that effectively engaged the target audience and drove significant actions.

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