Cooee’s Low-Intent Focused Campaign boosted revenue for India’s leading beauty brand by ₹112,000

Published on
February 19, 2024


A leading beauty brand in India was facing a significant industry challenge. Despite offering compelling discounts and promotions, their website struggled with low conversion rates. A significant number of visitors were prematurely exiting the sales funnel, leading to missed opportunities for sales and revenue expansion. This trend highlighted the critical need for a more effective and engaging user experience to drive conversions and sustain business growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


Cooee's comprehensive analysis of the company's website revealed a significant trend: a large number of visitors with low intent were exiting the sales funnel prematurely, indicating a crucial gap in the user engagement strategy. Using its advanced algorithms and deep understanding of user behaviour, Cooee developed a targeted approach to address this challenge.

Using data-driven insights, Cooee identified specific browsing behaviours and interests of these low-intent visitors. By understanding their preferences and intent, Cooee was able to tailor personalized promotions and product recommendations to re-engage these visitors and guide them back into the sales funnel.


By strategically promoting products to low-intent visitors, Cooee captured visitor interest on the beauty brand’s website and encouraged them to explore more products, resulting in 500+ items added to carts. The personalised product recommendations and promotions delivered by Cooee led to a four-fold increase in user engagement on the beauty brand’s website. Visitors were now 4X more likely to stay on the site, explore different products, and ultimately make a purchase. The most impactful result of Cooee's intervention was the substantial increase in revenue for the beauty brand’s website. The strategic promotion of products to low-intent visitors resulted in a significant boost in sales, adding Rs.112,000 to the company's bottom line.

By leveraging Cooee's AI-driven platform, the beauty brand successfully overcame the challenge of low conversion rates and enhanced its user engagement strategy. The personalised approach to targeting low-intent visitors proved highly effective, leading to increased engagement, improved conversion rates, and ultimately, a substantial increase in revenue.

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