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Cooee's boosts revenue for The Decor Kart by Rs 100,000 in just 15 days!

Published on
January 16, 2024


The well-known Indian home decor brand, The Decor Kart, recently faced a hurdle in navigating its online business strategy. The issue was a significant increase in cart abandonment rates – a situation where customers added products to their virtual shopping carts, but did not complete the purchase. 

This served as a red flag, signaling a substantial obstacle in the customer journey and posing a threat to the brand's overall success in the digital marketplace. As the brand analyzed its online performance, another concerning trend emerged – the conversion rates remained disappointingly low. Conversion rates indicate the percentage of website visitors who make a purchase, and the persistently low figures suggested that the brand was struggling to turn potential customers into actual buyers. 

The combination of high cart abandonment rates and low conversion rates painted a challenging picture for the home decor brand. It implied that although customers were showing interest by adding items to their carts, something in their buying journey was causing them to hesitate or abandon their intended purchases. This not only meant a loss of immediate sales but also posed a long-term risk to the brand's ability to foster customer loyalty and sustain growth in the competitive online market.


To fix this, Cooee looked carefully at The Decor Kart's website traffic to understand what customers were looking for. We noticed that some people who had added items to their cart in the past didn't complete their purchases. 

So, our team came up with a plan to show these customers a little pop-up message when they revisited the website. This pop-up reminded them about the items they had added to their cart and included messages from other customers giving positive reviews about the brand. The idea was to make these potential buyers trust the brand more and guide them to complete their purchase.


The positive outcomes of Cooee's intervention for The Decor Kart were substantial and immediate. Implementing the abandoned cart campaign led to a noteworthy surge in revenue within a short span of just 15 days. The brand witnessed a remarkable boost of ₹100,000 in its revenue during this period.

This impressive result highlighted the effectiveness of Cooee's targeted strategy in re-engaging potential customers who had previously shown interest by adding items to their carts but had not completed their purchases. By using a well-designed pop-up that not only reminded users of their abandoned cart items but also featured positive messages from satisfied customers, Cooee successfully addressed the challenge of cart abandonment and low conversions.

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