Cooee contributes a whopping 8% to Care n Cure's monthly sales

Published on
January 1, 2024

Care n Cure is the leading provider of pharmaceutical solutions in Qatar, with a network of 50 retail pharmacies and a dedicated team of over 500 employees available 24/7. With a track record of over 20 years, Care n Cure has established itself as the preferred choice of thousands of satisfied customers, and our customer base continues to grow every day!

Increase in sales with real time engagement with visitors


Care n Cure faced a challenge with their shipping charges pop-up as it was not immediately apparent to visitors on their online pharmacy shop. Customers would only realise the charges when they added items to their cart, resulting in abandoned carts or customers unexpectedly paying extra for shipping.

Care n Cure wanted to seamlessly integrate a notification about shipping charges into the customer's purchase journey, without causing any disruption or frustration.


Cooee revolutionised the way Care n Cure's Shopify store visitors interacted with their online pharmacy through real-time intent pop-ups. Specifically designed for low-intent visitors, these pop-ups offered personalised offerings and transparent shipping charges. By seamlessly integrating these pop-ups into the customer journey, we not only enhanced the overall experience but also significantly boosted Care n Cure pharmacy's total Average Order Value (AoV).

Engaging Visitors on their realtime intent

Cooee is a one click wonder, which gets installed within minutes and integrate with your Shopify store to optimise your customer journey, real-time.


In just 30 days, Care n Cure experienced a remarkable surge in their monthly sales, thanks to the invaluable contribution of Cooee. In fact, Cooee's impact on their overall sales was even more impressive, accounting for over 8% of the total revenue generated. This significant increase in sales is a testament to the effectiveness of Care n Cure's partnership with Cooee and the remarkable results they have achieved together.

How can Cooee help?

At Cooee, we enable brands to deliver immersive, personalised and effective user engagement powered by AI, at an affordable price. We generate unique promotions to leverage customers' real-time intent. Cooee is a fast, easy and efficient way to engage users 1 on 1 and can increase your conversion rates by 4%.

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