An impressive 24% increase in the conversion rate

The Bombay Shaving Company is a premium men's grooming brand in India. They were facing a challenge with low-intent visitors who came to their website but left without making a purchase. To address this, they engaged Cooee, to help improve their website's performance.

The Challenge

The Bombay Shaving Company's (BSC) online store had been gaining a lot of attention from online users, yet the conversion rate was still significantly low. To address this issue, the team had to conduct a thorough analysis of the website's user engagement and customer journey based on their real-time intent. One of the key factors that they considered was identifying the reasons why visitors were leaving without making a purchase. This involved tracking and analysing users’ real-time micro behaviour while they browse through BSC’s online store.

The Solution

Cooee partnered with the Bombay Shaving Company to pinpoint the main sources of friction causing visitors to abandon their purchases. By using Cooee's cutting-edge AI technology, they discovered that visitors' real-time intentions differed from the historical segmentations they had been working with. Consequently, the incentives and discounts offered were not personalised enough to encourage them to complete their purchases.

To address this issue, BSC and Cooee implemented a strategy to make low-intent users feel special by identifying them as VIP customers and offering them exclusive discounts. The discount was prominently displayed on the website, and the low-intent visitors were made to feel valued by receiving the discount. Additionally, the checkout process was optimised to make it easier for visitors to complete their purchases.

The Results

The results of the campaign were impressive. The conversion rate increased by 24%, and the average order value (AOV) increased by 32%. The small discount offered to visitors proved to be an effective way to reduce friction and encourage visitors to make a purchase.


Cooee's strategy of reducing friction by making visitors feel special and offering a small discount proved to be an effective way to improve the conversion rate of the Bombay Shaving Company's website. By optimizing the checkout process, Cooee was able to improve the AOV and increase revenue for the company.

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