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Conversion Optimisation | Retention Marketing

Increase your Shopify store revenue by 8x

Cooee is a fast, easy and efficient way to engage users 1 on 1. Join the 100+ customers using Cooee today!


No credit card required | 1 click implementation for

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Cooee can be set up and ready to use on your Shopify store in minutes.


Engage with every user 1 on 1 with personalised automated customer journeys

Our AI learns what your customers prefer and creates altered versions of one design for each customer 

You're 10 minutes away from launching personalised customer journeys

...That can improve retention!

✔️ Connects to your Shopify store in minutes

✔️ Drag and drop design editor

✔️ Unique delivery for each customer 

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🚀Unlimited personalised campaigns

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