AI-powered notifications that always delight and convert

Connect with your Shopify store in 1 click to automatically deliver personalised notifications for every user uniquely, at scale

A powerful creative generated from every data point you have

Our AI learns what your customers prefer and creates altered versions of 1 design for each customer 


Every customer deserves a unique experience. Meet their demands in just a few clicks!

Traditional segmentation broadly groups your users, which doesn't deliver a truly personalised experience. Cooee helps you stay up to date with every customer's changing interests and deliver notifications according to their needs in a fraction of the time.

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Cooee is the perfect solution to a busy marketers' need for personalisation:

Install the Cooee plugin to your app/website 

Compose your engagement using hundreds of free templates

Set up push integration & verify SDK integration


No sign up required, experience Cooee's magic before you commit!

Uncomplicate your marketing stack

Apparel Shop

“We wanted to ensure that when we reach out to customers or when they visit our website, they don't get bored and engage with our content. Using Cooee, we have been able to create relevant notifications for all our consumers!"

Food tech business on Shopify

Young Business Owner

“For me to run Cooee on my app, I will not need to hire resources in creative generation or data analytics and this is a huge plus for me being a small business owner"

Digital Content Business Owner on Shopify


No one does personalisation like we do

Using Mobile Phones

Hrs saved/campaign


Browsing smart phone

Increase in retention


Using Mobile Phone

Boost in revenue




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 Offer an unparalleled digital experience to your customers

Start using Cooee for FREE today, 14 day trial, no coding needed. Implementing your first campaign takes as little as 15 minutes.