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Notification your
customers love

Cooee creates unique digital experience that are data-driven, personal, and cost-effective 🚀

Democratising AI powered user engagement for E-commerce



Experiences that fuel revenue

Increase your conversion rate

Engage with visitors to turn them into your customers

Boost in-app purchases

Insights driven notifications that offer what your users want

Retain users with one-to-one personalisation

Every reach-out is crafted for individual user, uniquely


Notifications that
feel like personal messages

Cooee® is a high-tech platform that integrates with your mobile app/web in minutes to deliver personalised, data-driven, and immersive notifications on the fly.

Your customers demystified

Gathers data and generates actionable insights as per users preferences

Creative automation at scale

Generates creatives for each user uniquely based on data, automatically

Drag & drop

No previous skillset or experience required. Using Cooee is easy peasy

AR ready

Immersive experience in a notification right from within your app or web


Continuous improvement

Learns from every customer interaction and improves for better conversions

RIP traditional segmentation & journey building, Cooee's AI predicts user action and engages individually


Integrated with the
services you already use

Seamless connection with all your favourite tools, with regular updates.


Companies scale with us, super-fast

COOEE works for every member of your team. Your marketeers and engineers will adore using it.

Small & medium businesses

Technology teams

Marketing managers

Our customers love us⭐️

Cooee creates positive impact for your brand across all customer touch points
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